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Current Mission: "Broken Flesh"

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Rank: Captain
Race/Gender: Human/Male
Date Of Birth: 28th September 2336
Place of Birth: England, Earth
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Monet NX 79067
Background: Paul Shearer is a fine officer who deeply respects those who he serves with. He is a very capable leader and has proven so on many occasions. He has a strong interest in art and enjoys painting and sculpting. His other interests include Sport and Poetry. He is a strong willed individual and won't put any of crew in a situation that he himself would not be prepared to face. He is known to have a slight fear of space-walking as doesn't like the idea of a piece of fabric being between him and the coldness of space. When he was offered command of the USS Dreadnought NX 79067 in 2373, he believed that the name was to menacing and so agreed to take command only if the name was changed to USS Monet NX 79067 and Starfleet agreed.


USS Monet NX 79067:
Captain Paul Shearer
Commander Natasha Kingston
Lt. Commander Rachel J'mall
Lieutenant Ralph Brady
Lieutenant Ben Maverick
Lieutenant Luke Gravis
Doctor Amy Hughes


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