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Current Mission: "Broken Flesh"

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Episode Six: "Broken Flesh"
The USS Monet receives a distress call from the USS Xavier whilst en-route to a starbase after being on the front lines for some time. When they arrive, they find the ship drifting, with little damage and no sign of the crew. An away team beams over and find the ship deserted. But soon, J'mall makes a gruesome discovery and they find that they are not alone on the ship after all...

- -  s e a s o n  t w o  - -
C O M I N G  S O O N
a new adventure begins...


Season One:
Pilot: "Maiden Voyage"
#001: "Vortex Part One"
#002: "Vortex Part Two"
#003: "Jail Break"
#004: "Rescue"
#005: "From The Depths"
#006: "Broken Flesh"
#007: "End of the Road"

Season Two:
#008: "New Beginnings, part one"
#009: "New Beginnings, part two"
#010: "Vendetta"
#011: "Memories"
#012: "Voices"
#013: "Anomalies"
#014: "Familiar Faces"
#015: "Rise of Evil, part one"
#016: "Rise of Evil, part two"
#017: "Futile Resistance"
#018: "The Fall of Vulcan"
#019: "Retreat"
#020: "End of an Era"


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